Amanda Jacob

Dr. Amanda Jacob

Dr. Amanda Jacob

Dr. Amanda Jacob

(she, her)
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Ph.D. from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
B.S. in Chemistry; Georgia Institute of Technology
B.S. in Physics; Georgia Institute of Technology

Research Interests

Dr. Amanda Jacob has broad research background ranging from cellular to systems neuroscience. Her Ph.D. dissertation work used electron microscopy to understand structural synaptic plasticity, the mechanism used to store and maintain information within individual synapses that is often thought to be the cellular basis of learning and memory. After her graduate studies, she joined Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience as a research scientist where she studied the organization of GABAergic circuitry in the primary visual cortex and managed histological processing of tissue for labs throughout the institute. In addition to her work in the lab, Amanda is a Girl Scout leader, an amateur musician, and is passionate about using art to engage with and to educate the public about scientific topics. Amanda has participated in both the “Hooked” and “Justice” exhibits in the Science Gallery, and has an upcoming exhibit “Resilient Earth.” She has spoken at the Atlanta Science Festival and has organized art and science hybrid events throughout Georgia.

Key Papers

Chung et al 2023 figure 1
Myomatrix arrays for high-definition muscle recording
Chung B, Zia M, Thomas KA, Michaels JA, Jacob A, Pack A, Williams MJ, Nagapudi K, Teng LH, Arrambide E, Ouellette L, Oey N, Gibbs R, Anschutz P, Lu J, Wu Y, Kashefi M, Oya T, Kersten R, Mosberger AC, O'Connell S, Wang R, Marques H, Mendes AR, Lenschow C,. ELife 12:RP88551 (2023) [PDF] [DOI]
McGregor et al 2022 Fig 1
Shared mechanisms of auditory and non-auditory vocal learning in the songbird brain
McGregor JN, Grassler AL, Jaffe PI, Jacob AL, Brainard MS, Sober SJ. eLife 11:e75691 (2022) [PDF] [DOI]
Lu et al 2022 Fig 2
High-performance Flexible Microelectrode Array with PEDOT:PSS Coated 3D Micro-cones for Electromyographic Recording
Lu J, Zia M, Williams MJ, Jacob AL, Chung B, Sober SJ, Bakir MS. Annu Int Conf IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc 2022:5111-5114 (2022) [PDF] [DOI]
Saravanan et al 2019
Dopamine Depletion Affects Vocal Acoustics and Disrupts Sensorimotor Adaptation in Songbird
Saravanan V, Hoffmann LA, Jacob AL, Berman GJ, Sober SJ. eNeuro Jun 12;6(3) (2019) [PDF]