Sam Sober

Sam Sober, Ph.D.

Director, Simons-Emory International Consortium on Motor Control
Director, Center for Advanced Motor Bioengineering and Research (CAMBER)
Director, Collaboration on Motor Planning, Execution, and Resilience (COMPERE)
Winship Distinguished Research Professor
Associate Professor of Biology
Emory University

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Sam Sober is an associate professor of Biology at Emory University and the Director of the Center for Advanced Motor BioEngineering and Research (CAMBER). Dr. Sober earned a B.A. in Neuroscience and Behavior from Wesleyan University and Ph.D. from UC San Francisco in the lab of Phillip Sabes. His research interests focus on understanding how the nervous system successfully produces appropriate patterns of muscle activation, resulting in the desired behavioral output. His research on singing behavior in finches and forelimb behavior in rodents investigates the relationship between these very different levels of description – neural activity, muscular activation, and task performance – by using a range of techniques to describe how neural circuits drive the complex behavior and are modified by sensorimotor experience.

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